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    Post  Kyrose on Tue Jul 07, 2009 3:40 pm

    We are a collection of nerds. As a group, we like our numbers. They comfort us, give us something to think on, and process. We can manipulate them, and see how best to deal with things.

    As of this morning, i am 201.0lbs, with 23.1% bodyfat according to my home scale (i havent taken measurments, so i cant use online calculators). This means that as of this morning i have 46.431lbs of fat on my body. that numbers much higher than i would like. My lean body mass is 154.569. Much lower than i would like. As its rather difficult to build muscle while sheding fat, and i've spent lots of time over the last 2 years building, i'm going to adjust my bodyfat % by losing weight. assuming my lean body mass stays the same during this phase of my life, and a goal of 10% fat, my weight will end up at 154.569/.9=171.743lbs. This means i have 29.257lbs of pure fat to burn off.

    29.257lbs of fat times 3500cal per lb is roughly 102400cal. i know in 1 ten minute session on the eliptical each morning i burn off 250cal. Assuming i only activly try and burn fat during weekdays, 5 days a week at 10 minutes per day, i'm staring down 409 workout days, and 573 real life days to get to my goal. Of course i'm also working out each night, be it 20-30 minutes of strength training, 2 hours of karate, or going for a walk with CJ. These add up to, as best i can estimate, an extra 1500cal per week, 300 per day. so now my 250 is 550. i'm also triming off about 150 cal per day from my diet. now i'm upto 700 cal per day worth of progress. my 409 weekdays is now reduced to 146.29, and my total days is at 204. More or less in time for my 27th birthday.

    Sometimes i wish i wernt good at math. It would be nice to be able to imagine i can hit target in a month if i go hard. stupid ability to think and reason....
    Shipwrecked Dictator
    Shipwrecked Dictator

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    Post  Shipwrecked Dictator on Tue Jul 07, 2009 4:45 pm

    See, NOW you join our Fatbet. If you want to lose 29 lbs, then this is a great way. We've got 5 active people right now, and our charts are great motivators. My weight really seems to vary on the time of day, so it's hard for me to get 'accurate' numbers. According to my scale, I gained 5 lbs last week, even though my pants are looser than EVER.

    Go numbers!

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