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    goals and ambitions


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    goals and ambitions Empty goals and ambitions

    Post  Kyrose on Fri May 22, 2009 10:05 pm

    My current goals and ambitions are as follows
    1) To be able to do 100 consecutive standard pushups
    2) To be able to do 25 consecutive one legged squats (each leg)
    3) To be able to do 200 consecutive two legged squats
    4) To be able to do 25 consecutive pullups
    5) To be able to do 5 consecutive one arm pushups
    6) To drop my bodyfat % down to below 20

    Current numbers are:
    1) 65 pushups
    2) 3 one legged squats
    3) 50 squats
    4) 15 pullups
    5) 0.75 one arm pushups
    6) scale reads me as 25.6% bodyfat on normal mode, 21% on athlete. not sure what that means, but i'm going to assume i'm a normal person.

    Can definatly see that i favor my upper body. Something i need to change.

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