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    The Efficacy Of The "Pep Talk"

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    The Efficacy Of The "Pep Talk" Empty The Efficacy Of The "Pep Talk"

    Post  Shipwrecked Dictator on Thu Jul 16, 2009 4:59 pm

    I never understood pep talks. I never understood why recovering alcoholics had their 'sponsors' that they could phone 24/7. I never understood why people got personal trainers, or 'life coaches', or used stuff like Tools To Life (the pay features, obviously) just to have someone tell you things that you already know. It seemed silly, it seemed to slough responsibility onto someone else's shoulders, and it just seemed like a boatload of crap.

    And then yesterday, I finally admit my complete tankage of resolve. My snacking came back, I wasn't exercising, I was gaining weight again, and I was wallowing in despair and big puddles of cookie-flavored rationalization. I bitch about my two-week / three-week / timeperiod(x) limit on resolve and motivation, and what happens?

    Kyrose gives me the Life Coach alco-sponsor pep-talk, and basically tells me stuff I already knew, but in a different way than I saw it. What happens? My snacking stopped. I worked out at night AND in the morning. I got better sleep than I have in weeks. I cleaned the freaking living room. I got up early, ate a healthy breakfast, didn't even have MILK in my coffee. I feel like I did on Day One of One Year In My Life.

    I don't know how long it will hold for. Hopefully more than three weeks, because I don't want Kyrose to have to think up new bottom-of-the-ninth speeches every month. But I know now, more than ever before, that motivation is in my mind, and even when I'm exhausted and sore, I can still make gains.

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