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    slowly weighing less


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    slowly weighing less Empty slowly weighing less

    Post  Kyrose on Mon Jul 27, 2009 4:37 pm

    I'm doing my first "cut" phase. Never really activly tried to shed lbs before. Its a weird feeling, because i associate a good workout with how effectivly i've strained my muscles, not how many calories i burned. But the results are speaking for themselves.

    Since i started 5 weeks ago i'm down exactaly 3lbs. Certainly not a rate of loss to brag about, but enough that i'm pleased. Thats about a 1.5% reduction in bodyfat %, putting me just out of the teens according to my scale at home.

    I've suffered no loss of strength due to my training meathods. Well.. only a slight loss. i've been neglecting my pulls, and as such a set of 10-12 is exceptionaly hard. gotta remember to work with them.

    Well still a long way off from my welter-weight goal, I think i'm finaly moving in the right direction. Obviously i'll never have a walking weight in that class, but should I ever get into anything competitive I should be able to cut to it.

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