The best six doctors anywhere And no one can deny it Are sunshine, water, rest, and air Exercise and diet. These six will gladly you attend If only you are willing Your mind they'll ease Your will they'll mend And charge you not a shilling.

    Irritating Food Log...

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    Irritating Food Log... Empty Irritating Food Log...

    Post  Shipwrecked Dictator on Wed Sep 16, 2009 5:54 pm

    Without the constant fear of disapproval from Kyrose, I've let the foodlog, exercise log, and everything else log slip.

    And no, I'm not blaming Kyrose. Far from it. I want to thank him for all of the hard work he invested in the forum, and paying attention to all the stuff I do, but the fact of the matter is, my problem is that I can't force myself to stick to this sort of thing with the power of my own conviction. (I think I covered all this whiny crap elsewhere.)

    The past three-four weeks have seen gains and losses. My weight dropped down to ~300, and has warbled up and down there, between 300 and 304 for three straight weeks, so basically: not losing weight anymore. I've been stressed out of my gourd with home, work, side-jobs, kids, medical problems, etc etc, blah, and my diet has really suffered. Well, I still eat the great diet (apples, carrots, tuna, etc) but I've been adding more and more and more food, good and bad, to the mix.

    On the plus side, I've gotten significantly stronger, and really noticed gains in strength. I've gone from doing NO pushups (for the past eight years) to doing six, then seven, then eight, and as of yesterday morning nine pushups (as long as I'm well-rested). Focusing a lot more on my core, because it's terribly weak, and was one of the limiting factors in doing pushups (I couldn't keep my body straight for long enough to do anymore!) Now that my abs and back are toned a bit more, the next problem area is arms and shoulders, so the answer is... more pushups! I'm really enjoying watching THOSE numbers go up, and unlike cutting back on food, exercise makes me feel good when I do it, so it's very easy to stay on top of it.

    So weight: not good.
    Strength: much better!

    Total score for Late August / Early Sept: Break even.

    Time to get back on diet track! Remember, it's not how many times you fall down, it's how many times you get back up again.

    MY PLAN:

    Keep reading Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle and The Naked Warrior. Reading a page or two per day really helps to keep me focused, just gives me boosts of motivation.

    Continue the "Things That Make Me Happy" stuff on my blog (I still haven't missed a day, technically!)

    Working out in the mornings. I need to stop being sick, because in the mornings I'm SO SORE that I can barely get my stretching done, so it really hasn't been that intense. Back to going on my long walks today, though.

    Cleaning out the basement and retrieving my weights. Hoo-ah!

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    Post  Kyrose on Thu Sep 17, 2009 1:52 am

    Back at it guy Razz

    get up, and back at it.
    Shipwrecked Dictator
    Shipwrecked Dictator

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    Irritating Food Log... Empty Re: Irritating Food Log...

    Post  Shipwrecked Dictator on Thu Sep 17, 2009 2:24 am

    I am, I am...

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